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Project Proposal


Author and coordinator:
Prof. dr Miroslav Kopečni


ISO 14000 standards are associated with agriculture and the environment For the economy of Yugoslavia, and for the majority of the countries from South East Europe (SEE), little attention is paid to any series of ISOs or similar international standards. As a consequence, SEE countries have numerous problems in entering international markets. Goods coming from this part of the world are under priced, due to the lack of required standards in the course of production and fabrication. ISO 14000 Standard is of particular importance. It is concerned with the environment, and since a large portion of the GNP of countries of SEE comes from agricultural production, and in near future it will remain as such, agricultural products are linked to ISO 14000 applications.

Project proposal

LEX should organize a project which will introduce and educate managers to practice ISO 14000 Series Standards (or equivalent). Project should be divided in steps:

  1. Seminar for trainers who will introduce ISO 14000 to the SEE countries;
  2. Local seminars for managers responsible for agricultural related industries. The goal of these meetings are not to just introduce ISO 14000 to these companies, but to ensure the companies realize the significance of the standards, promote them, implement them and use them.

Project realization

Only point B.1 (stage one) is proposed for this project. The goal is to assemble reputed professionals from the EC to present a weeklong seminar on ISO 14000 standards for the participants from SEE countries. Only a small budget for the seminar is needed. The participants would be carefully selected, as they will be the eventual trainers with the responsibility to continue the ISO 14000 education in their country of origin. In addition they need to have influence with the local authorities in order to introduce and incorporate ISO 14000 requirements into the local laws and other major documents affecting agriculture in their country. The project requires initial support from EC both for resources, and project management. Project management by the EC professionals will ensure that all the standards, when introduced, will not differ within SEE region. This will facilitate further the transfer of goods across SEE borders.

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