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Project Proposal


Author and coordinator:
Prof. dr Goran Pitić and Zoran Jeličić

1. Background

For 12 years now the regime in the FRY, especially in Serbia, has been destroying professional reporting imposing a concept of patriotic journalism, which is merely a screen to abandon all important standards of the journalist code. Owing to non-regime media at lest a few oasis of professionalism have been preserved. However, economy in all its forms and at all levels, appears to be the weakest point of almost all media.

This problem stems from the former Yugoslavia, or more precisely its non-market economic system. In view of the rampant anti-economy in the present-day Yugoslavia, the indispensable journalist knowledge of economic topics has been reduced to a deplorable level. Meanwhile, the only daily business paper (both in the former and present-day Yugoslavia) has been ruined as was also the best and most influential economic weekly (both published in Belgrade). Since the end of this situation is drawing closer, special attention should be paid to this part of journalism in the FRY.

2. Objective

The main objective of the training is to substantially promote journalist knowledge in economics, especially of the kind, which is on Yugoslavia's doorstep (market, transition, money, taxes, exchange rates, securities, and stock exchanges).

3. Methodology

In view of the generally inferior knowledge of economics we plan to organize four courses. The first is of general nature addressing the basic concepts of economics with 60 participants. They would be divided into two groups with 30 participants in each group. Upon the completion of the first general course, participants would choose one of the two courses: (1) transition to market economy and (2) mastering finance. All courses would last 6 days, comprising 30 sessions of theoretical and practical training.

4. Expectations

In addition to its primary and obvious benefits, this kind of a workshop will also create an important group of journalists who will remain in permanent contact with the Media Center to the benefit of all concerned, including the journalist and their respective houses, foreign companies and regional as well as global institutions in different spheres of economic life.

The journalists will be able, upon gaining some knowledge in economics, to broadcast and understand economic movements, economic reforms and eventual difficulties on the path of incorporating of the Yugoslav economy in the European and world economy in the more qualitative and understandable manner. In such way the journalists could become a part of the core public advocacy effort.


This Project is to be implemented by The League of Experts LEX and by Media Center , Belgrade, in cooperation with other civil society organizations and local independent media.

5. Proposed courses


  1. Introduction to economics – the role of market
  2. The data of economics
  3. Aggregate demand and aggregate supply
  4. Economic growth – long-term approach
  5. Short-term economic fluctuations
  6. Money, prices and inflation
  7. Budget and fiscal policy
  8. Macroeconomics of an open economy
  9. Exchange rates, currency board and Eurisation
  10. Economic policy management
  11. Transition economies
  12. Privatization and enterprise restructuring
  13. The role of the state and public sector in the economy
  14. Financial institutions


  1. Liberalisam, economic freedom and political democracy
  2. The concept of transition into the market economy
  3. Liberalisation and stabilisation
  4. Stabilisation and growth
  5. Privatisation and development of financial markets
  6. Market structure and development of competitioni
  7. Importance of the SMEs for development of economies in transition
  8. Role of the state
  9. Winners and loser in transition
  10. Social costs of transition
  11. Humane development
  12. Management and organisational culture
  13. European Union and economies in transition
  14. Eurotransition


  1. Money
  2. Value
  3. Accounting
  4. Corporate finance
  5. Managing value
  6. The nature of financial market
  7. Equity markets in action
  8. Debt markets
  9. Portfolio investment
  10. Risk management
  11. Derivatives
  12. Financial institutions
  13. Regulations and governance
  14. Finance and development
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